Charlene choi and wu chun dating

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Zhu strongly repels and she is locked up by his father.

After hearing the news, Shan could no nothing but rescue Zhu by violence.

DVD EXTRASTrailer (UK Version The Assassins Blade)English Subtitle "A visual treat...exquisite" See all Editorial Reviews Not a terrible movie, but not great either.

I watched this for Wu Chun, but the overall costumes and colors were very beautiful.

Bubbly and cheerful, Zhu often goes to town dressed as a guy as no good daughter from a well-to-do family should ever be seen gallivanting about town.

Zhu¡¦s father, Zhu Gong Yuan had made enemy with Qian Rong Wei who now became a high magistrate and took revenge on Zhu's family by seizing their wine business and making Zhu as one of his many wives.

Je savais avant meme d'avoir vu la bande annonce que je voulais voir ce film Wu Chun oblige.

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Charlene Choi was adorable albeit a bit exaggerated and slightly annoying, and Hu Ge played a handsome opposite to Wu Chun.

Once she begins her intense training, Zhu finds herself at odds with her trainer and superior, Liang (Chun Wu).

But soon, a stronger connection is revealed between the two, and as their attraction grows, so does the danger of Liang discovering Zhu’s real identity, Could it be that they're destined to be together?

Quand Zhu Yingtai doit quitter l'école ils se promettent de se retrouver pour vivre leur amour, mais rien n'est aussi simple et se met en place une série d'événements inattendus qui les conduiront tout deux à une issue tragique. Il était vraiment magnifique, les acteurs jouaient très bien, rien à redire franchement!

"Les papillons doivent être par deux ; lorsque l'un s'en va, l'autre se sent seul". A la fois beau, triste & pas trop en même temps ...The movie stars Wu Zun, Vic Chou, Li Chen, Fu Xinbo, Raymond Lam, Ady An, Li Qian, Xu Fan, Ekin Cheng, Yu Bo, etc.