Enfp dating another enfp

03-Oct-2017 09:58

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At the time of the break up we ha been going out 7 months and now after another 5 we are considering getting back together.

The reasons we broke up weren't because our relationship was bad because it was in fact really good and we helped each other out alot, but for personal reasons on her part. I'm sure I'll love being in the relationship very much but I guess what I'm worried about is her feeling like the Benefactor or leader in the relationship.

Drenth How the ENFP presents and functions in relationships depends in large part on his or her stage of personality type development.

I have known several ENFPs, for instance, who continue to associate with the religious tradition of their youth (Si), subscribing to its tenets and even regularly attending services.

One way in which ENFPs differ from INFPs, however, is they are slower to discern their own personal values.This means that both ENFPs and INTJs not only perceive the world through intuition, they also have a common feeling and thinking function, although in a separate order.Where the ENFP will have a higher knowledge and awareness of his/her own emotions and values, the INTJ will have a higher awareness of the logical approach and efficient task completion.I recently got a reader request for a post about the joys and struggles of ENFPs and INTJs in relationships.

I’m thrilled to research this pairing because they seem to have a natural attraction, but there aren’t many resources out there for them.

The extravert trait ensures that this character is open-minded and enthusiastic yet the intuitive portion of the personality allows the individual to be thoughtful and insightful.