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19-Dec-2017 03:12

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Restarting the Microsoft Antimalware Service or the computer doesn't fix it. The program silently fails to update until definitions are a week old, and then when I manually update, the green bar gets a third of the way to the end, resets and gets a quarter of the way to the end, and then fails with no error.To update antimalware definitions, you can use one or more of the following methods: You can configure multiple definition update sources and control the order in which they are assessed and applied.This is done in the Configure Definition Update Sources dialog box when you create an antimalware policy.Otherwise, try to repeat deletion after a few more mins.

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The information in this topic can help you to select and configure these methods.You can configure Configuration Manager software updates to deliver definition updates to client computers.This is done by configuring automatic deployment rules.Only way I know of fixing it: downloading manual updates, which gets annoying over time.

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Even after removing all traces of System Center 2012 from our AD network, when I uninstalled the client software from each user system, within a few hours (or post a reboot) the software would mysterious regenerate and come back. Uninstall: System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Client.

When Windows Defender or Endpoint Protection detects a potential threat that's hiding inside a compressed file with a file name extension or within a network share, it tries to deal with the threat by quarantining or removing the threat.