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In luna activarii si in cea a dezactivarii, vei fi facturat proportional cu numarul de zile din luna curenta. Prin optiunea ROAMING beneficiezi de serviciile Digi Mobil si in afara tarii.

Cand esti plecat in strainatate poti sa suni si sa fii sunat pe numarul tau de mobil. Cei care te vor apela vor forma numarul tau ca si cand ai fi in Romania si nu vor plati nimic in plus.

It also works with video production software such as Boinx TV, Cam Twist, and Camtasia.

Mobiola Web Camera captures video in different resolutions: 192x144, 480x360 and 640x480.

Mobiola Web Cam's camera-to-PC communication all takes place via the magic of Bluetooth, meaning that images are processed pretty quickly, so there's not too much lag when transmitting them to the web, though obviously the smoothness will still depend on the speed of your net connection.

There are a number of options you can tinker with to enhance the quality of your moving images, such as contrast, image quality and compression rate, though Mobiola Web Cam has little in the way of fancy effects or anything to heighten the fun.

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Connect it to a Mac or PC using a Wi-Fi connection, and share bright moments of your life that cannot be caught with a built-in webcam or USB camera!

The software uses your mobile's camera as a fully-fledged webcam for Windows.

Video chat used to be something that we only dreamed about in films like Blade Runner or Total Recall.

Or sitting in a Wi Fi hotspot near the Eiffel Tower, and sharing this moment with your friend while giving him a virtual tour of this famous attraction.

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With Mobiola Web Camera, anything can be shared wirelessly in a simple and fun way. , Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ and many other messaging applications, just as you can with a standard USB webcam.Many Windows-based webcam programs out there do contain special features, but the advantage of using your phone with a program like Mobiola Web Cam is that you can really harness the power of the very latest camera phone technology.