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He gained national notoriety in 2009 when he mistakenly said, “keep fucking that chicken”—which sort of sounds like a Beastie Boys lyric—during a live broadcast.Andretti, Mario (“Shadrach,” Paul’s Boutique)Italian-American race-car driver Mario Andretti competed successfully on multiple racing circuits—including Indy Car, Formula One, and NASCAR—between 1959 and his final retirement in 2000.Biz Markie wrote a whole song about it on Goin Off, “Albee Square Mall,” which proclaimed, “My house is the Albee Square Mall.” Alex and Marilyn (“The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin’),” Hello Nasty)Hollywood producer Alex Grasshoff and his wife, recording-studio-owner Marilyn, who rented their one-bedroom L. home the Beasties during the recording of Paul’s Boutique; it was nicknamed “The G-Spot” for the gold “G” on the front of the house.The Grasshoffs had no idea who the Beasties were—or their reputation for partying—when they rented the house to them for ,000 a month.The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency said: “Any retailers selling or supplying an unlicensed medicine containing nitrous oxide for inhalation purposes, or allowing it to be supplied other than in accordance with a prescription, are in breach of UK medicines regulatory requirements.” Last year, the Local Government Association (LGA) issued a health warning and said that councils were seizing large hauls of the drug using by-laws and street trading legislation to take action. The gas can cause dizziness and affect an individual’s judgement.

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Although it is not illegal to possess and inhale the substance, it is illegal to supply it to anyone under the age of 18 - should you think they are likely to be inhaling the gas.

Like nearly all professional racers, Andretti did crash from time to time, proving that he did not “always drive his car well.” Apple Bottom jeans (“Lee Majors Come Again,” Hot Sauce Committee Part Two)Apple Bottoms, a clothing line created by Nelly, offers a line of jeans specifically tailored to hug and flatter the curves of women with voluptuous posteriors.

The term “apple bottom” has subsequently become synonymous with aesthetically pleasing asses.

It’s legal in many parts of the world, it’s cheap and it reliably produces a short-lasting euphoria as well as heightened senses and a slight feeling of disconnect from the body and is often used as a drug at concerts, nightclubs and festivals.

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And it can be combined with other drugs to alter the effects.For tobacco, the highest prices were observed in the United Kingdom (202 % of the EU average), while the lowest were recorded in Bulgaria (51 %).