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02-Feb-2018 21:46

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We were at church a couple of weeks ago, and sat in front of another interracial couple. When I told her it was the other way around, she said something like, "Oh, that's nothing special."Me and the wife haven't had any bad reactions yet.

But it’s nothing compared to what Twigs was directly subjected to. Sometimes it’s best to let the intense feelings cool a bit before attempting to assuage them. As soon as you sense the time is right to discuss your mistake, do it. Never accuse another of being “too sensitive.” This shifts the blame from you to the other person. Waiting too long to address the issue will complicate matters even more. Be a stand-up kind of person, and be accountable for your actions. But you can promise to try your hardest to avoid making the same mistake again. “The best thing I could have done was get me a white girl with a great family to support her and our relationship,” he concluded.

Social media swirled with reactions to the comment. Let him/her know you “get it.” Say something like, “I know my comment sounded critical, and I understand why you’re upset.” 11. Depending upon the degree of your slip-up, a tangible act of atonement may be called for: a handwritten note, a bouquet of flowers, or a special homemade meal. Assure the person your thoughtless words don’t reflect your heart. What’s more, most people are reasonable and willing to forgive.