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02-Oct-2017 11:21

Many of you know that I often times veer from the typical articles about Illuminati symbolism found in film, television, and music videos and explore the ‘gossip girl’ side of me.Today I’ll be using this ‘TMZ-style’ journalism to explore the idea that Kylie Jenner is a member of the Illuminati…by them to push certain symbols and messages into our subconscious.In cases where CDPR gave the woman no post-sex conversation at all, I've made some up, just one or two lines for the woman and one line for Geralt. All of the CDPR lines for the woman are voiced; the ones I've made up are not voiced. (In real life, use a condom; in virtual life, save your game.So, something like three-fourths of the post-sex conversational lines are voiced. (Yes, I've watched 25 sex scenes half a dozen times each. : P) Because the area files are part of your saved game, I can't alter anything about the areas with a mod.

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In those cases, I've made the woman say that line right after sex and have added a reply (or in some cases, a choice of replies) for Geralt. So save your game right before having sex with anyone.I've always thought it was strange that when Geralt has sex with a woman, most of the time, they don't go anywhere, no time passes, and she has nothing to say about it afterwards. :-)I've revamped all 25 sexual events in the game.

Maybe that’s what you’re looking for, but that’s definitely not my cup of tea.… continue reading »

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