Updating textpattern

05-Nov-2017 23:35

Whether it actually selects zero-valued dates in strict mode - or even whether it is possible to have legacy zero-valued dates in strict mode (for example, by having an installation where it was turned off in the past, had some zero-value dates inserted, then turned on) - I have no idea.

But at least this works in a fresh install on current My SQL versions with their default settings.

To make corrections to existing translations, or to add new ones, fork the repository, make your changes and commit to your fork. To boost workflow the repository contains synchronisation scripts and automated tests.

Git Hub's web based editing features allow you to easily do smaller edits to existing translations without you needing to delve into git.

You now have a full backup of your files and database.

If things don’t work out in the upgrade process, you can simply replace the server files and, if necessary, re-import the old database dump file in php My Admin again (using ‘Import’ instead of ‘Export’).

updating textpattern-82

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Give the folder a meaningful name like , for example. Go to textpattern.com/download and download the zip package of the latest version to your local machine.

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