Xbox live gamer picture not updating

03-Feb-2018 07:53

I created a new avatar and gamer pic yesterday and it is not showing up as the new design on the Xbox One or on I say this mainly because privacy settings are popping up at random again.I tried re-saving it on the Xbox Dashboard and it did not help. And it's also taking a long time for to load.*Edit - Yup, Xbox Live status is coming back as unknown on the status page.*On your homepage, click on the gamer dropdown under your gamerpic and select Update Gamerpic. The other thing to try is to disable your avatar on TA and then re-enable it. Edit: Have you tried selecting "Use my Xbox One gamerpic" in settings? This has been an ongoing problem for a while now and Microsoft doesn't seem to be doing anything about it.

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Our Executive Editor Daniel Rubino recently discussed the notion on the latest episode of Ask Dan Windows, and it's a question I often see thrown around on reddit, Twitter, and other networks.So my question is this - does anyone know why this would be happening? What I did to fix it was to go to your Privacy Settings, and enable custom content created by other Xbox Live Players (or something like that), and after that I cleared my CACHE (you know how to do that yeah? A couple of days later he had the picture he was supposed to have. 1 week), you could try and remove your friend, clear your cache again, restart the Xbox 360 and add your friend again, see if that works.